Friday, February 10, 2012

FLORIDA-Tito & Scar, Pibbles to the rescue, & Wag Schwag

Lucy had a FABULOUS time in Florida! First she spent a week with Tito & Scar (check them out on facebook - .) She made many new friends, people and pets! She got her picture taken with a sweet dog named Jade (which also happens to be the REAL Lucy's mom's nickname!) and went to an event with Wag Schwag! She even got her own Schwag. Next she spent a week with Pibbles to the Rescue and got to meet some AMAZING pittie ambassadogs. She went to an event with Pibbles to the Rescue and helped raise awareness about pitties, as well as showing off some very cute adoptable dogs! (see them at ) All in all, it was a great couple of weeks!


  1. I am so loving watching little Lucy on her travels doing awesome fun things, she is such a great ambassador for you and all doggiekind.

    HUGS n LOVE <3

    Nikki Hughes

  2. Thank you Nikki!! Mom and I are having so much fun following 'little me's travels as well! <3