Friday, November 11, 2011

Lucy the Wonderbull's going to travel!

I've got great news! I will be starting my journey AROUND THE WORLD this december! The Lucy the Wonderbull Original Sock Dog is being made right now and will be ready to be sent out around Christmas. --It's always been my dream to travel and raise awareness about pit bulls and to promote the end of BSL (breed specific legislation). SO as soon as I get my sock dog in the mail i'm sending her out to meet all of you! Here's how this works: If you want Lucy the Wonderbull to visit you, email me at with your name, full address (including country) and email, and I will add you to the list! Lucy will have alot of places to visit so she can only stay with each family for 1 week. Lucy will be traveling with a camera to document her trip, so make sure to snap at least FIVE pictures! (rules for photos: NO obscene pictures, Lucy is a lady. You must take at least 5 pictures and at least 1 picture has to be of her helping to promote the end of BSL or raise awareness to her breed. How? Be creative! You can get her picture volunteering at a rescue or writing a letter to the city council-it's up to you!) After you've taken your pictures- hop onto the computer and send them to me via email with a summary of her visit with you (what you did, who you met, etc) so I can put them in the blog. Once I recieve the pictures and travel log, I will email you with the next address to ship Lucy to. After that, send her on her way! I don't care which service is used to ship her but please make sure she has all her things and is comfortable, and has a tracking number, we don't want to lose her! After she's shipped, please email me with her tracking number as well. Doesn't this sound fun?! Again, Lucy won't be leaving until the end of December, but you'll want to get your name on the list now as it's first come first serve! Lucy can't wait to meet you!

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  1. HI Lucy its princess alices & sir midnights mommy we would love you to come to jamestown ny for a visit so i will send you my email and address i can take you to see the home of lucy ball of i love lucy fame she was born in the home i would take you to see it along with her theater and we could see about going to the animal shelter to help with the fur kids hugs and kisses