Thursday, November 10, 2011

About me:

Hi guys! I'm Lucy the Wonderbull! But life wasn't always so wonderbull to me... When I was a little puppy, some people bought me from a pet store and did not treat me very well. I was left in an outdoor kennel day and night with no interaction with my people, which made me sad. Then one day I guess they decided they didn't want me anymore so they dumped me on the streets to fend for myself. I was there for a little while and it was really scary. I got attacked by a big dog that made a hole in my side and left me scarred on my legs. After that happened, I was trying to cross the street and I got hit by a car :( It tore my leg muscles and popped my leg out of its socket, and I couldn't walk very well after that. Luckily the Humane society found me and gave me a bath and real food, and then they put me up for adoption! That's where my mom comes in. She had been looking at dogs for a long time and knew that she wanted a pit bull or mix of the like. Well when she saw me, we looked into each others eyes, and I felt safe. She petted me nicely through the bars and tickled my ears and I felt happy. Then I got to go to a play room to play with her and she didn't even care that I limped and was skinny. I tried to stay mellow while she petted me but I was still young and wanted to bounce around a bit. Well I guess she liked me because a week later, She came back and picked me up! I can't describe that feeling very well, but it's just so amazing when you find your human and you know you will be with them forever. And so far so good! My mommy gave me a new name, Lucy. (at the shelter I was Shorty and mom said it didn't fit me) She said I deserved a new name because I was getting a new life. And boy was she right! She took me to the vet to get all fixed up and I didn't complain to them either. Then I got a nice warm bath, and when we got home, she let me go INSIDE. I had never had that before. Never been able to sleep in a warm house with blankets and towels and nice smells. At first my mama put me in my crate in her room, but when I whined a little bit, she let me sleep in bed with her :) that made me happy. I still play in my crate but mama's bed is my bed too. I am soo happy and grateful that I have the life I do, because I see soo many others like me, who are just as nice and want families just as much, that don't find them. My dream is that one day every dog will have a warm blanket and a mommy or daddy to sleep with. And I'll fight until that happens.

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  1. Lucy you are so brave, every time I read your story I get a lump in my throat, followed by warm fuzzies, because you found such a wonderful mum. I too wish this was the happy ending that every pup got, because it is what every pup deserves. Thank you for sharing your life with us. HUGS <3 Nikki <3