Sunday, January 15, 2012


Lucy had an AMAZING trip in Tennessee with Caution the Gentle Giant and her mom, Nancy. She got to go to the mountains, soak up some sun by the dam, view the beautiful scenery, and hang out with Caution. She also got to go visit a confederate camp, The stones are engraved with names of soldiers and how they were killed. There usually is a sign up with information on how the soldiers were killed and what the engravings on the rock say. And they usually have pamphlets up about snakes, bears, hiking and how to be safe in the mountains. But they must of taken them down for the winter. The confederate soldiers were killed by the militians and not Union soldiers. After we visited the confederate camp, we headed down the mountain to watch the sunset. She also got to meet some Donkeys and a Mule on the property where Caution lives! To stop BSL, Lucy helped Nancy and Caution write positive pit bull messages on post-it notes and posted them around. Then she signed a petition (like the one for Lennox) to help another dog in a dire situation.
A big Thank You to Nancy and Caution for taking Lucy in for a week, and helping her on her journey to end BSL!

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