Friday, December 30, 2011


Lucy the WonderSock spent her first week in NEW YORK with her friend Cuda from and they had an awesome adventure! Check out what Cuda's mom had to say:

Cuda and Murphy took Lucy to the Big Apple, NYC, NY to see the sites and hear the sounds of a true New York Christmas. Many people came and greeted us as we walked around the city. Lucy stopped by Radio City Music Center Hall but her legs were not long enough for her to qualify as a Rockette. The tree at Rockefeller Center was so crowded so we had to take a picture from far away because we were afraid Lucy, Cuda and Murphy would get trampled. The City was bigger than the world to the three travelers!!After we watched the skaters at Rockefeller Center and talked to many people on the street about Cuda's mission to stop animal cruelty and to stop buying dogs and to accept pit bulls, we took a strange trip all the way the the Village and went to Obscura Antiques and Oddities. Obscure has a show on the Science Channel called Oddities because they sell old crazy stuff like two headed calves, scary looking doctor instruments and scientific experiment equipment.The next day we stopped at the Dutchess County SPCA in Hyde Park, NY. We talked with the Humane Law Officer and Assistant Manager of the Shelter about all of the pit bulls that come in there in addition to the animals they try to help. Many had sad looks on their faces. We took pics of Lucy with the trucks so people know who to call to stop animal cruelty- YOU. As a human you are the voice for the animals. They cannot call 911- it's up to you not to look away or hope someone else does something about it. Lucy knows how lucky she is to be with a family who loves her and wants all animals to have a safe and happy home!!!

Thanks Julie!

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Adventure Begins

I am happy to announce that Lucy the WonderSock has ARRIVED!! We can FINALLY get going on this Wonderbull project! To all those who are already signed up: I will be sending you an email with details! If you haven't signed up: It's not too late! Simply send an email to with your name, complete address, and current email address; and I will add you to the list.

I will be mailing Lucy off as soon as possible, by monday at the latest.. Check back on Monday to find out where she's headed for her first destination on her quest to end BSL and raise awareness about misunderstood breeds!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lucy the WonderSock is READY!!

This is very exciting! The Lucy the WonderSock is FINISHED and will be sent out in the next couple of weeks! Everyone who is already on the list, you will get an email letting you know when she is headed your way! I've made a couple of minor changes to her trip- first is, Lucy will be travelling with a USB instead of a camera; It was just too hard to find a camera that didn't have to have a program downloaded in order to view photos, and that's just too much of a hassle in this situation. SO, you will get a USB, use your own cameras for the photos and then load them onto the USB and send a copy to me via email so I can put them on the blog! The second change is, Lucy will be staying with you for a week instead of three days. The reason for that is, i've had a lot of people requesting to have Lucy visit over a weekend to go to events, and if everyone just has her for a week, you are guaranteed to get a weekend. Plus it's more time to take her fun places! Other than that, everything is the same! If you haven't signed up and want Lucy the Wonderbull to visit you, email me at with your name, full address, and email, and I will add you to the list! Lucy will have alot of places to visit so she can only stay with each family for 1 week. Lucy will want pictures to document her trip, so make sure to snap at least FIVE pictures! You can always take more if you'd like! (rules for photos: NO obscene pictures, Lucy is a lady. You must take at least 5 pictures and at least 1 picture has to be of her helping to promote the end of BSL or raise awareness to her breed. How? Be creative! You can get her picture volunteering at a rescue or writing a letter to the city council-it's up to you!) After you've taken your pictures- hop onto the computer, upload them to the USB, and send them to me via email with a summary of her visit with you (what you did, who you met, etc) so I can put them in the blog. Once I recieve the pictures and travel log, I will email you with the next address to ship Lucy to. After that, send her on her way! I don't care which service is used to ship her but please make sure she has all her things and is comfortable, and has a tracking number, we don't want to lose her! After she's shipped, please email me with her tracking number as well. And be sure to check the blog often, I will update it weekly with Lucy's latest travel! Remember, anybody can sign up at ANY TIME, even after I send Lucy the WonderSock out, you'll just be added to the list and it's first come first serve. Spread the Word!

Friday, December 2, 2011

STOP dog fighting in American Samoa!

Did you know that in the beautiful country of American Samoa (where we WISSSHHHH we were spending Christmas this year), it is still legal to fight dogs? American Samoa is too wonderful a place to have such an ugly sport as dog fighting.
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